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Questions & answers before booking


Questions & answers regarding current orders


Questions & answers after receiving pictures


You create a booking through our online booking form her

It is important to find the right quality from the start. We have described our different qualities her

We have a delivery time of 2-3 working days on all orders, starting from receiving the products.
We can further "rush" orders in 36 hours for + 50% of the order total.

We always offer our customers to participate in the photography, if the products have to be in special angles or must be styled in specific ways.
We can further offer that your own team can take care of the photography in our product category called skyd selv.
You will get a complete studio with a remote control and can set up / style products yourself and "shoot" the pictures. They can then be viewed on a screen and you can select the ones you want to use.

Participation in photography must always be agreed in advance. Contact us at or phone +45 77 34 85 57

Yes, we always make test images of up to 3 products if you want to see our quality or are in doubt about what quality is the right one.
test images can be booked here her

We do not have a minimum number of products or starting fees.
We have 6 studies that produce product photos every day. We plan tasks, regardless of size, in today's programs - we therefore have no starting fee.

As a starting point, our price lists are valid for up to 100 products in one order.
Do you have product quantities larger than 100 pcs. We can usually make an offer.

Contact or telephone +45 7734 8557

In the Copenhagen area we collect with external courier service 
Please make sure that the products are properly packed

In the rest of the lanet we pick up packages according to GLS requirements:
Commodity and pallet bulk are not included in our pick-up service!
The products must be packed in boxes and must be securely closed with tape, unless otherwise agreed with us.
Further, they can be delivered to our reception: Nannasgade 28 all weekdays during the period 9.00-17.00. If you would like to personally give instructions, it can be appropriately explained to us if you come with the products yourself.

At less than 10 products, we charge collection and return, totaling DKK 150.00



Products can be submitted to us Monday - Friday 9.00 - 17.00 (interrupted by lunch break 12.00 - 12.30)

Nannasgade 28
2200 København N

Products can be handed in at the reception or in the studio (ask for directions at the reception)

Every month we have over 5,000 products through our warehouse and studio and we are very much involved in the safety and handling of our customers' products.
The products are kept safe in facilities classified to "security level 60". The highest possible class of protection.

If the accident occurs, we have an insurance covering damages or loss. Contact us for further information.