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Questions & answers before booking


Questions & answers regarding current orders


Questions & answers after receiving pictures


When the pictures are ready, you will receive an email containing the link and invoice.
The images are delivered on our Dropbox server and can be downloaded or added to your own Dropbox folder if you have an account on Dropbox.

If you cannot receive dropbox links, please contact us for alternative delivery options.

As a starting point we will send a payment mail when the order is ready. The following cards can be used:

When the payment is completed, our system automatically sends a link to download the images.

We can furthermore offer a credit agreement with a down payment, which, however, requires positive credit approval.
We charge an administration fee of DKK 39.00 per. invoice for a down payment.

Any corrections to the images should preferably be stated as a comment in Dropbox, or you can send a complaint email to
Corrections or changes must be made within 8 days and are expected to be completed within 12 hours of receipt. If the order requires re-photography, we will contact you if that is the case

NOTICE: We do not correct or photograph images without charge if the instructions are not clearly stated in the booking and / or in connection with the order and must of course be within the quality category chosen.

We have quality and satisfaction guarantee on all our pictures. This means we always correct any errors and omissions without charge until the images are approved.
In addition, we guarantee that we can match all prices and tasks in similar qualities.

We have a production run and quality control which is unique and we can therefore always supply the market's fastest service and best quality, at competitive prices.
We always guarantee the same quality over and over again - we call that satisfaction guarantee.

We normally return the products 2 working days after the pictures have been delivered. We also send shipping information enclosed.