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Company name: Trendshots ApS

Address: Nannasgade 28, 2200 Copenhagen

VAT number: DK-34217777

Phone: (+45) 77348557


For details on specific products we refer to our price lists. Links can be found in the menu under "Prices".

For other information we refer to our generel business terms below.

We receive payment cards and MobilePay.

Pictures will be delivered within 72 hours after we have received your products - unless otherwise agreed.

Pick-up of BUDGET orders and orders of less than 10 products will be charged a transport fee of 150.00 DKK (excl. VAT).

Customers have 8 days to submit corrections / complaints to their orders after the delivery of pictures.

There is no right of withdrawal on ordered services when the order is put into production, unless otherwise agreed.

Sales and delivery terms for Trendshots

Contract basis of the following terms of sale and delivery (January 2019) apply between the orderer and Trendshots to the extent that they are not waived by the express agreement between the parties.

1. Offer and agreement
1.0 Offers from Trendshots are bindingĀ for 60 days from the date of the offer.
1.1. Agreement has been made when the buyer's acceptance is received by Trendshots.
1.2. In cases where the orderer does not expressly agree, an agreement has been entered into when Trendshots has submitted an order confirmation of a received order.
1.3. The offer is conditional on: Material and processes can be machined mechanically as provided in the offer.
1.4. The buyer does not demand the work done in part deliveries instead of one total delivery as stated in the offer. The material submitted by the buyer corresponds to Trendshot's submitted offer.

2. Price
2.1. All prices are excl. VAT and delivery.
2.2. If in the period up to Trendshot's implementation increases in wages, material prices, public taxes or other costs have occurred,
2.3. Trendshots entitled to regulate the price with such documented increases.
2.4. If, in the period leading up to the delivery, a fall in wages, material prices, public taxes or other costs has occurred, the orderer is entitled to demand the price regulated with such documented falls.
2.5. Prices in foreign currency are based on the exchange rate in Danish kroner applicable on the offer or order confirmation date.
2.6. Trendshots reserves the right to change the price accordingly for price changes before payment.
2.7. In addition to the offered or agreed price, Trendshots is entitled to demand payment for: - Extra work due to the fact that the basic material that the orderer has given Trendshots turns out to be incomplete, unsuitable or defective. - Extra work due to the orderer requesting corrections or changes to the delivered material after the work has started. - Extra work due to the buyer making more proofs than agreed in the offer. - Overtime and other measures agreed with the orderer after conclusion of the agreement. - Storage, delivery, handling and shipping of the orderer's digital or analogue material and tools after delivery has taken place. - Extra work due to the fact that the agreement cannot be carried out in a continuous production due to the orderer's circumstances.

3. Delivery
3.1. Delivery takes place at the time agreed with the orderer, subject to delays or obstructions due to: - The action or omission of the orderer. - The circumstances mentioned in 8.1.
3.2. During these delays, Trendshots have the right to an extension of the delivery time or to terminate the agreement.
3.3. If an event such as the above results in the fulfillment of the Trendshot's delivery obligations, Trendshots is obliged to meet the delivery obligations if the orderer declares that he would pay it at the Trendshots estimated additional price.
3.4. If no time has been agreed for delivery, the Trendshots will determine the time of delivery.

4. Payment
4.1. Payment is made either on the date stated on the offer, order confirmation or invoice as the last timely payment date otherwise in cash upon delivery.
4.2. Interest is accrued from the due date on the current interest rate at Trendshots. P.T. the interest rate is 10.75% p.a.
4.3. At Trendshot's request, the orderer is obliged at all times to provide a bank guarantee for security of payment. If the request is made after the conclusion of the agreement, Trendshots is obliged to indemnify the buyer for any expense related thereto. approval is left to third parties.

5. Property law, copyright etc.
5.1. Copyright of the photos and concepts developed by Trendshots, creative presentations, original material etc. belongs to Trendshots and must not be left to third parties without Trendshots approval.
5.2. The copyright of the delivered material belongs to Trendshots until the invoiced intermediate is settled or otherwise agreed. In the event of bankruptcy, Trendshots reserves the right to withdraw unpaid balances with a third party, if this has made use of the material. This is the ordering party's obligation to pass on to third parties
5.3. What the Trendshots have provided or provided with intermediates, materials, tools, etc. for the purpose of delivery is Trendshots property. This applies regardless of whether it is provided separately.
5.4. That in section. 5.2 referred to above may only be used for work for the orderer and shall only be stored on a separate agreement.

6. Delays
6.1. If a delay occurs, the orderer is with that of item. 3.1 the following reservation is only entitled to terminate the agreement, provided that he has clarified the significance of delivery at exactly the specified time at the time of the conclusion of the agreement.

7. Shortcomings
7.1. Trendshots have no responsibility for errors that the orderer has not addressed in writing in proofs, including print, digital information, proofs or the like.
7.2. The buyer has fully and finally approved the goods if this is used by the orderer or third party
7.3. The orderer is responsible for immediately promoting a defective delivery. If a complaint is not filed or advertised late, the orderer loses the right to claim the defect. Trendshots are entitled to remedy a defect if this can be done within a reasonable time.

8. Responsibility
8.1. In case of delay and in case of defects in the delivery, Trendshots has no liability where the delay or defect is due to: Errors in or damage to production equipment which has been proven to cause delay or damage to the production.
In case of any work conflicts of any kind. Incidentally, any circumstance such as discharge, if the cause of the subcontractor's delay or failure to execute the Trendshots is not mastered, such as fire, water damage, natural disasters, war, mobilization or unforeseen military calls of similar scope, requisition, seizure, rebellion, disturbance, currency restrictions, lack of means of transport, general commodity, restrictions on driving force, export and import prohibitions and other similar force majeure situations.

8.2. Delay or defective delivery is covered by it in point. 8.1 referred to is one of the items mentioned in point. 8.1 the circumstances mentioned or the company's termination.
8.3. Trendshots are not liable for the order's operating loss, loss of profit or other indirect
8.4. losses, including losses due to the orderer's legal relationship with third parties, cf. 8.4 in case of delay or defect in the delivery.
8.5. Trendshots have no responsibility for loss or damage to property, such as, originals, materials and the like, which are not Trendshots, but which have been left by the buyer for the purpose of resolving an agreed task or for storage purposes. , including on storage of works Trendshots have performed. Trendshots, however, are liable if it is demonstrated that the loss or damage is due to gross negligence by the Trendshots or his people. The buyer must provide insurance for the item against damage and destruction.

9. Subcontractors
9.1. Trendshots are entitled to wholly or partly let work performed by subcontractors.

10. Periodic writings / persistent contract work
If no other agreement has been made with the purchaser of periodic documents / renewable contracts, a notice period of 3 months applies.

11. The Buying Act
Danish law, including the Buying Act, applies to this agreement to the extent that the legal situation is not laid down in the text of the agreement or in the present sales and delivery terms. Any dispute concerning the interpretation of the agreement or the fulfillment of the conditions and enforcement can only be brought before Danish courts in accordance with Danish jurisdiction rules. For further information, please contact Casper Andreasen, Trendshots; 8557